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  Installation Offshore and Onshore

CCTCOffshore Industrial Projects:
Design, Supply Installation and Commissioning of Industrial Project including Offshore Living Quarters, Control Rooms and Cabins covering Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, HVAC, Electrical, Fire & Gas, Fire Fighting, Instrumentation and Cathodic.

Onshore Industrial Projects and Control Rooms:
Designs, Supply and Installation of Electrical System, High and Low Voltage System, Mechanical System, HVAC System, Fire and Gas, Instrumentation, SCADA, Water Supply Networks, Water/Fuel Storage tanks, Piping & Steel Structures, Green House Complexes and Pumping Stations.

Quality Assurance :
CCTC is committed to operating a quality management system to ensure its continuity and its development into a regional organization achieving prestigious and vital projects in the area.
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Our Mission its our commitment

Our business goal is to provide our customers with the highest standard of efficient and professional services at competitive prices,

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