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CCTC Policy:
It is the policy and intent of this Company to adhere to a strict safety culture that includes our employees, subcontractors and clients as the most important aspect of our operations. All CCTC employees are expected to be proactive with regard to the prevention of incidents and accidents and be aware of Health, Safety and Environmental issues. Safety is everybody’s responsibility.
CCTC Management is committed to this policy and sets such objectives and targets that aim at continuously raising the HSE standards and allocate the necessary resources to ensure that appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision are provided. CCTC promotes increasing health, safety and environmental awareness to enable employees to perform their jobs consistent with this policy.

The HSE Management System in place enables CCTC to take all necessary actions to meet or exceed the applicable requirements in the relevant laws and regulations of the country of operation and the applicable domestic and international occupational health, safety and environmental requirements. CCTC Management continuously monitors and improves operations, procedures, technologies with regard to the effectiveness and improvement of our HSE Management System.

CCTC as a company is committed to excellence of work through sound planning, engineering judgment and construction practice. We encourage and promote benchmarking on HSE matters, recognize and reward achievements and are committed to a constant vigilance towards project and personnel safety.

Quality Assurance :
CCTC is committed to operating a quality management system to ensure its continuity and its development into a regional organization achieving prestigious and vital projects in the area.
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Our Mission its our commitment

Our business goal is to provide our customers with the highest standard of efficient and professional services at competitive prices,

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